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A perfect sample from a bulk powder is one in which the sample contains exactly the same proportions of all the properties of the bulk.


Sample Preparation

Do you enjoy spending money and wasting time? If you fail to obtain a representative sample before you do any analysis then the answer could be yes.


Riffle Boxes



Riffle boxes ( sample splitters) are an inexpensive method of splitting bulk materials into representative samples. The most important factor in selecting a riffle splitter is to be sure that chute widths are sufficiently wide enough to prevent plugging or bridging of materials. The number of chutes must be sufficient to assure reasonable sampling accuracy. These riffle boxes are of heavy gauge sheet metal and have been designed for the rapid separation of bulk materials into two representative samples. Ruggedly constructed for long life, and with particular attention to the reinforcement of the partitions to maintain the accuracy of the slot dimensions. Each riffle is supplied with three metal collecting pans, two of which fit below the riffle box whilst in use.




Hardgrove Grindability Tester
Hardgrove Grindability Tester


The Hardgrove Grindability Tester is used for measuring the grindability or ease of pulverisation of coals in comparison with coals chosen as standards. A prepared sample receives a defined amount of grinding energy in a small pulveriser, and the change in size is determined by sieving.The shaker, which bolts easily toany solid surface, has an adjustableplate sieve support and built-in 99 minute x 0.1 second digital timer.

Also available is the Rotap 11 which utilises the same action as the standard version, but performs two 8 inch sieve tests simultaneously. An optional sound enclosammertone-finished steel with 1 inch acoustic foam liner. The hood holds position via lift control springs. Includes facilities for operating light and air inlet/outlet.





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Particle sizing


Laboratory mills


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